Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busch Stadium for a Cardinals Game

We took in a baseball game while in town. Macen was very proud to carry his own ticket.

James was listening to the game by radio and Macen wanted to hear too. He got a kick out of using the earpiece. We once again got complimented on how wellbehaved Macen was at the game. He loves cheering with the fans, the loud music and shouting a disgruntled No when the crowd boo'd.


James said...

Notice that Macen and Shantel were properly attired for this game; Macen in his Cardinals shirt and Shantel wearing red. We've come to the compromise when in St Louis it's red and when in Kansas City it's blue, so you'll see me sporting blue next time we go to a Royals game. We'll still be split when it comes to interleague time though. LOL