Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cameron Crossroads Triathlon

Well if you all have been following my race schedule you will have noticed that this race wasn't listed. Mariah wanted to do this one and I caved at the last minute and decided that if I was going to go watch her race I might as well race as well and get a speed workout in.

This was a very good community sponsored race that is the perfect distance (S:200m B:8mi R:2.1mi) for a beginner or a good speed workout for someone who does longer distances. Here are the pictures:

Waiting in line for my turn to swim. When you do a race in a pool you enter in your best guess at your swim time and then you are seeded according to that time. I was seeded 47th out of 180 some for this race.Look at that form. I swear one of these days the water is just going to give up and offer no resistance if I keep beating it to death. Actually I was a little worried about the swim, it's been a couple of weeks since I've gotten a good swim workout in due to class, lap pool availability, and switching other workouts to the morning when it's cooler. So it was good to get a swim in.Look no hands!!!! Not real sure what was going on here and Shantel just happened to take the picture when I'm not touching the helmet. Cool pic Shantel.Moving out on the run. Remember when I said I started 47th out of 180 some. Just as I went around the corner there was a volunteer who told me I was the 19th runner to go past him. Yippee, I'm making up ground on all those people who swim faster than me.The sprint to the finish. I'm really moving out here trying to keep the girl from the Northwest Missouri track team behind me. Yeah I know she's a DII college athlete and I'm an old fart but I've still got my pride, dang it.

Like I said this was a really well run event. The bike course was deceptively hilly but still pretty fast and the run started out all uphill. I wanted to finish in around 50-55 minutes, work on my transition times and get a good speed work out in and just maybe win my age group. Well I finished in 46:40, tried some new things in transition that let me cut those times down to under a minute and I ended up placing third in my age group (there were a few other athletes out there who seemed to be using this race for the same things I was).

I'm pretty happy with the results other than the fact that my belly seems to be reappearing as Shantel has pointed out. I guess I need to get back on that strict diet I used to be on, dang it.