Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow showers

We did take Macen swimming on post at the indoor pool. He loved it as long as I was holding him and kept him against me. We did have some water balls that he kept a firm hold on until the last 15-20 mins we were there. I would toss them a foot or two in front of us and kinda throw him out to get them but still held onto him. He was okay with that. Once we got dressed and were heading out of the locker room, we walked by the door to the pool and he lost it. He wanted to go back in. But no pics of swimming just playing in the snow.

Snow showers is what we were told we'd be getting. So when we woke up to several inches, we were a little surprised. But we were up for some fun in the snow. We got out our sand bucket and snow/sand block shaper to build castles that Macen gladly knocked down.

We also have a decent size hill in the front yard that is perfect for sledding. After we were done sledding down it Macen decided he was going to slide down it on his bottom by himself. He had trouble getting back up on his own but he kept trying and falling. He cried when we made him come inside but enjoyed getting warm later on.


Stacy said...

Shantel, he looks SOO grown up in this last picture all covered up. It makes me sad to think that in less than 2 months he will be 2 years old. Where did the days go??

Give him hugs and kisses from Aunt Stacy!!