Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signing please and thank you

signing please
signing thank you

James has really worked with Macen on signing please and thank you in the last 2 months. And its paid off and then some. He now signs and sometimes even says please and thank you when we ask him to and even on his own at times. But he has outsmarted us with it. Now if he wants something and we say no, he will sign please hoping to convince us. And we were suckers, we'd give in. Now he is doing it when it comes to wanting a snack right before dinner or something a little more important that wanting the tv turned on. So we are now trying to teach him just because he said please, doesn't mean he will get whatever it is he wants. James did manage to get him to sign more, please and thank you for asking, getting and receiving more snacks the other night. They were on a roll with that one.