Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boys Weekend

Yea, that's right Mom's gone, break out the cigars and beer. OK seriously, I couldn't resist.

Shantel had a weekend out with her girlfriends this weekend and it was a good chance for Macen and I to spend some quality time together.

The first thing we did was do some lunch. That took us a little while, because after I got Macen up from his morning nap, something that Shantel normally does, he wandered the house crying and looking for Shantel. The only thing I could do to stop it was turn on "Wow Wow Wubbzy" from the DVR, man I didn't want to have to go to my ace in the hole first thing.
That got us through lunch and right up to the time that we had to go to the pool with Mariah to work on her training for the triathlon. Macen did great at the pool and was really adventurous starting to throw his water balls further away and then acting like he was swimming towards them to get them as I held him out. He even got dunked a couple of times accidently as I was backstroking with him on my chest and he would roll off. Unfortunately in my worry to make sure that I had swim diapers, a onsie, a sippy, snacks, towel, diaper bag. I forgot my camera, so you are stuck with pictures from my camera phone.
We were going to go watch a bird dog field trial that they had on post after we got done swimming but Macen didn't want to stop swimming so we kind of had another mini meltdown so I decided to head back to the house and get him a snack and another short nap.

Of course we had to watch the Big 12 title game and as you can see Macen was properly attired thanks to Grandma Wayman. Since Mariah had been over for a little while we had to rub it in that Mizzou was still playing and KU had gone home to wait for the NCAA tournament and that Macen was wearing his Black and Gold without throwing any fits.

We also had McDonalds Saturday night. Macen really likes his french fries, although he's not as sure about the chicken nuggets. Where's the toy? He knows it's in there somewhere.

Saturday night ended with Macen's new favorite game; playing fetch with Maggie and a stuffed animal. I tried to video tape this since it is hilarous they way they both get wound up over it and Macen telling Maggie to Sit and Give, unfortunately when I got the video camera out Maggie did her usual anti camera routine and slipped away. That didn't mean the game was over though Macen just thought that Dad should take Maggie's place.
Bed time was a little late Saturday night as Dad wanted to watch the finish of the MU-Baylor game before starting Macen's bath.

The fun began again on Sunday as Dad let Macen bounce on the spare bed. I'll probably regret this in the next few years won't I?


Stacy said...

This is all so cute! Every little boy needs a "Daddy Day/Weekend" and every Mommy needs a weekend out! I'm happy for all of you and sounds like you all had fun!