Thursday, March 24, 2016


Our last day in Florida was spent at Legoland. To say the boys loved it here was an understatement and I am not even talking about the park. They were completely thrilled to just hang out at the hotel. There were legos everywhere in the lobby. They got to participate in a lego event in the evening and got to keep the legos they built. We cut the afternoon short in the park and went to hang out in the hotel pool. There were floating legos to play and build with. Macen has already requested we stay 2 nights the next time, lol.

We all got soaked on this one and it was so much fun! With 86 degree weather, we all dried quickly. I sat the second round out so I could get some pics. James and Macen rode a pirate version of this one in Germany.

We got Macen on some more roller coasters here and there were some he refused to go on. He really branched out and that thrilled all of us. I think we discovered (or confirmed even more) Maddox is our dare devil. He didn't hesitate to go on any rides with James. There was even one that he wasn't tall enough for and he cried while sitting it out. He even said "I would love that ride".