Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hollywood Studios

The first day at Disney World was spent at Hollywood Studios. Getting the boys enrolled in Jedi Training was priority. Once we did that we killed time by riding the Star Wars ride and meeting characters. The Storm Troopers pictured with Macen patrolled an area and occasionally stopped to interact with people. Macen's shirt caught their attention so James was able to get a picture. However, Maddox was drawn to these guys like a magnet. When we saw them, he would start following them and most of the time we would lose him in the crowd. Thankfully we kept an eye out and he would eventually stop and look for us but man it was like he was under their power or something, lol.

The boys got to build their own droids and light sabers. 

This was the first character they met at Disney. They look pretty nervous so not sure if it was because they didn't know what to expect or because it was Kylo Ren.