Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Royals Troopers

Through post, Macen was given the opportunity to help the grounds crew prior to a game. This is extended to kids with a deployed parent and throughout the summer they are offering it to 4 kids for several games each.
Macen was all about chanting "Go KC!" through much of the game.

Waiting for Macen

First, he got to hang out in the Royals dugout and then help with watering down the field.

Then each kid got to help put in a base. It was our good luck Macen got to do first base since that was closest to where we were watching.

The 4 kids selected for Royals Troopers. They waved and were put on the Jumbtron.

Our seats weren't bad. The Royals stepped it up in the 8th inning giving us a win. It was perfect weather and a perfect day. Maddox got his Official Royals Fan certificate for his 1st visit to Kauffman Stadium too. Yep husband, Royals fans all the way :)

Someone was exhausted after the game so he got a short nap in the car while I worked outside.