Monday, June 10, 2013

Deanna Rose Farmstead

The boys got in some cousin time for a couple of days and we went to Deanna Rose. Everyone loved it with so much to do.

They got to see what it was like to milk a cow.

Pony rides

Fishing...ugh! The only part I dreaded. I like fishing when someone is available to do the worms and unhook the fish. This is the part where my being dad this year came into play. There was no way the kids weren't going to fish. Macen has been asking to fish for weeks now and Jenna and Hailee love it. So Brianna and I put on our big girl panties and baited the lines. Sure enough Jenna catches one immediately. I was getting a worm on another line and I had already spotted a dad down the way from us, so had Jenna go ask him to take it off for her, lol. Bri and I survived the fishing!

Bri helping Maddox bottle feed the goat.

Giving milk to the goats.

Pedal tractor rides

Just a swingin'

Bri loved the huge windchimes.