Monday, January 7, 2013

Saying Goodbye

James left on Friday. He will spend a week in Georgia then fly to Afghanistan. The boys seem to be doing good but James has made frequent out of town trips this year so it may take a week or so before they start really noticing. Macen and I have had discussions about him sleeping in mom and dads bed. He likes to sleep there when James is away and I allow it once a week. He got his turn already but still wanted to sleep there last night because he said he was lonely in his bed. I have a feeling its more about him not wanting me to be lonely.

The day after James left was not good. Lots of things went wrong in the morning. The afternoon turned out better but if that was any indication of how the year is going to be then I say NO.THANK.YOU.

So we are ready for whatever the year brings. Deployment typically always means a vehicle breaks down. Trust me, it's there under the definition, lol. So I am on a 1 year stand by for that :) And we will meet any other challenge head on as always. Keep James in your thoughts and prayers.