Friday, January 18, 2013

18 months

Maddox is now 24.8lbs and 33". He's gowing like a weed - I just did another rounnd of clearing out clothes he has outgrown. He has been quite intrigued at the doctors lately. We've been twice, once for what I thought was an ear infection (it wasn't) and then for his check up. At the first one, once he saw the dr put on the blue rubber gloved he "asked" for one by mimicing her actions on his hand. She proudly handed over her glove to him. At his check up, he headed straight for the gloves when we got into the room and wore it the entire time we were there. When the dr was examining him, he was stiff as a board and watched her like a hawk, even mimicing some of the things she did. She was quite proud and suggested we start a medical school fund for him.

Maddox is a busy as ever. He is currently fascinated with toothpaste, playing in the toilet and washing his hands. Pretty thankful for the washing the hands part because after the first two, he needs it. Haha! His love for chocolate and ketchup is as deep as ever. He had slowed down with the words for a bit but is now repeating us again a lot. He really wants to have full conversations and say full sentences. He will mumble a whole lot of different sounds all at once and continue on if we talk to him. He is really interested in numbers so we've been counting more.

He is getting ready to start hourly care on post once a week or once every other week for a few hours. Not sure I am ready for it but he appears to be as social as Macen so I think it will be good for him. It also gives me a little of a break with James gone now. 

18! Hard to believe but here we are. So proud of our little guy!