Monday, October 15, 2012

Carolyns Pumpkin Patch

We headed to my favorite pumpkin patch yesterday. This was one of the big things I missed while we were in Germany. I think there are few pumpkin patches there in general but none were close to us.

Maddox trying to figure out the Sound Garden. He did bang them together a couple of times but he was more interested in listening to the chain rattle.

He could have cared less for the goats. He had no interest in feeding them and gave them blank looks as he watched them from afar, lol.

                                     Heading out to the pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin.

Macen watching the tractor get more and more grounded into the mud. It was a mess out there and we slid down the minor slope from the driven path into the field.

James and Macen were thrilled to find we were being rescued by a blue tractor :)

The boys searched and searched for the perfect pumpkin aka a small one we wouldn't have to lug around with difficulty.

Maddox on top of a hay bale trying to escape.