Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15 months

We are well into toodler hood! Maddox's temperment is starting to come out. So far he is into hitting or throwing things when he is told no/not to do something. Hopefully we work through that sooner rather than later, lol.
He gave up the bottle with no issues in the past month. We'll see if that can be said for the paci. While he does not use it to sleep, he does hold onto it and his little blankie while he sleeps so he can use it as soon as he wakes up. It may have become more of a security object for the hand rather than the mouth.
He started coloring recently and he really liked it. His vocabulary has surprised me a bit and maybe I just dont remember when Macen started repeating things more and more. Maddox says all kinds of things like clothes, socks, quack quack. The other night he was getting medicine and when it was gone, he asked for more. When I laughed and said no more medicine, he dissolved into a crying fit. Funny stuff! He also answers Yessss when we ask him questions instead of shaking his head yes or no.
Our little man is 22lbs (25%) and 32" (85%).