Thursday, August 18, 2011

Star Wars Legos

It's a poorly kept secret that I'm a Star Wars Geek. I've been waiting several years until Macen was old enough for us to start putting together Star Wars Legos together. I finally decided to take the plunge in order to distract Macen after Maddox was born and I'd heard several guys on the street with boys Macen's age say they had started putting them together.

Macen helped me a little bit as I put together Darth Vader's Tie Advanced but I was pretty much on my own for the X-Wing.

The plan all along was for Dad to put together the regular size Star Wars Legos and then hang them from the ceiling in Macen's room. Macen wasn't supposed to play with the regular ones, instead he got Star Wars Mini Legos that he could play with. Well Dad didn't have fishing line in Germany, he must have left in the States with the rest of his hunting and fishing gear, so it took a little while to get some from Amazon. In the meantime Macen caused Dad to have several heart attacks by breaking both the X-Wing and Tie Fighter numerous times as he played with them. Luckily I was able to put them back together with only losing one small unimportant piece to the X-Wing (it's around here somewhere).

It's not quite the Episode IV chase scene (Shantel I need 2 regular  TIE Fighters for that) but I think it looks pretty darn good.

4 hours to put two both together; 60 minutes to hang them "just right".  All worth it to hear Macen say "That's cool, Dad!!!"

I wonder what he'll say tomorrow when we go to Legoland Germany.  I also wonder how many more kits I'll just have to have from there.


Stacy said...

That is hilarious... nice hint in there of what you still need!! You crack me up! Have an awesome time at Legoland