Monday, August 15, 2011

1 month old

Maddox waving hi to everyone

Hard to believe it's been a month already. I am going to keep asking for a pause button the next couple months because he is going to grow way too fast for me. Life has finally settled some for us and we aren't running here and there trying to get things squared away with Maddox. Where things are all done in the hospital in the states, we had to make numerous runs to offices/agencies here. And if you didn't already know, Europeans don't typically believe in circumcisions. So we ran into several roadblocks with that only to recently have it completed just before the cut off time (Maddox also had phimosis which added to our trouble with the procedure). Otherwise we would have had to wait until he was a year old and he would have had to go under anesthesia. So hopefully we get some down time from dr appts and such now.

Maddox has started cooing a little. We are getting under way with a bedtime routine and he does great with it - even giving me several 5 hr spells of sleep. While he has been a pretty good sleeper, he is a noisy one. He snorts, grunts and stretches A LOT in his sleep. It's more frequent the closer he gets to waking up but he has been known to be noisy for an hour and a half before waking up. I know this because he kept me on my toes in the middle of the night for that duration. Breastfeeding is hanging on by a thread, lol. We'll see where we end up with it. Macen is still so proud of his little brother and it's adorable to watch him with Maddox.