Sunday, February 6, 2011

So long 1st Trimester!

Can't say I am sorry to see it go. It's kinda crazy how something so tiny can control so much. And let me tell you that 5 oz someone is reminding me from time to time he/she is still in charge. I still have to be careful with what I eat and when I eat it.

I *think* I am over the morning sickness. Atleast I have been telling everyone that and then I had a bad bout a few days ago. I'm not spending every night on the couch anymore and I can clean more than 1 thing around the house in a day so big progress there. I finally starting gaining some weight in the last 2-3 wks. Yeah, I had a bump without weight gain for awhile. The first several weeks I knew I was pregnant it was as if I was 8-9 mos pregnant already and could hardly fit anything in my stomach. So I lost 5-6 lbs and spent the next several weeks gaining that back before finally adding onto my weight. I am still exhausted but my naps have gotten shorter so I think some of that is going away as well. This symptom took me by surprise because I didn't really have it with Macen. Thank goodness he still naps daily so I can nap at the same time.

As you can see from the updated baby pic to the left, he/she is right on track and growing well. Germans are very generous with ultrasounds and I get one at every appt. My doc was great about thoroughly going over what he was measuring and how the baby looked. We are hoping to find out what we are having at the next appt.

Macen has been really great with me being pregnant. I think he is relieved I am now a functioning pregnant mom so I can play with him again. He likes to poke at the baby from time to time. And sometimes he likes to share his food and tells me "Your baby likes (insert whatever he is eating here) ". It's pretty funny and atleast he is thinking of the baby already. He'll be a good big brother.


Stacy said...

He will be an awesome big brother!! Keep the updates coming!!