Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Macen saw Santa yesterday and boy does he know what he wants for Christmas. For the last month, Macen has said he is going to ask Santa for a zippleback, gronckle, nadder, nightmare, red death and toothless. These are the dragons in How To Train Your Dragon. Well all he ended up telling Santa was he wanted dragons which is fine, I was just happy he made it onto Santa's lap. Afterwards, Santa's elf gave Macen a candy cane.

Later in the day, we are talking about Santa coming and Macen said Santa gave him a candy cane. I didn't think too much about it but that night I said something about Santa bringing him dragons for Chrismas and he said in a more sad voice, "No, Santa gave me a candy cane". So he must have thought he was going to see Santa and get his presents at the same time. But all he got was a candy cane. I explained Santa would be coming on Christmas eve to deliver presents. My suspicions were confirmed this morning when Macen brought up Santa again and that he wasn't getting dragons, he just got a candy cane. Only this time, he was about to cry. So I explained it even more that he will see Santa 1 or 2 times and he has to tell him what he wants and then Santa goes back to the North Pole, makes the toys for him and then when we get up on Christmas morning, Santa will have been to our house and left presents under the tree. He seem to accept it this time. Maybe it will be more real when we get the tree up and start our celebration this week.

I told James from now on at Christmas time, we are going to tell Macen if he isn't good Santa will only bring him a candy cane :) Oh the tough life of a 3 year old.