Monday, November 8, 2010


Maisel Weisse Brewery Tour

This brewery is known mostly for its wheat beers. It was basically a museum but showed how the beers were brewed back in the day. Obvisiously, the process has come a long way. It was a really interesting tour.

The bar area where we enjoyed a beer that came with our tour.


We found this wurst place for lunch. It looks like they bring it in for the winter and along with the wurst sandwiches, they sell winter beers and warm, mulled wine. After lunch, we wen to a REAL MALL! I don't think these are all that common here and if they are, they are located in bigger cities. We are in the middle of nowhere. Bayreuth is only 45 mins away though!


Both of these are decorated entirely with colored rocks. Unfortunately, they have closed the palace for the winter season. So we walked around the grounds and will come back in the summer when everything is in bloom.

The dragon hole. Macen is really into dragons so he thought this was pretty cool.

James thought about walking across this until he realized water was steadily pouring over it and the wet leaves made it slippery.

You can kinda see a path winding around this. I followed it up by myself since Macen was throwing his 2nd tantrum of the day :)

Daddy and Macen looking for fish. We can't wait to go back when lots of colors are blooming.