Monday, March 29, 2010

Playmobil Park, Zirndorf

We went on a trip hosted by post to Playmobil Funpark. Playmobil is a toy company created in Germany. I believe these toys are sold in the states but I haven't seen that many of them. Well they have an entire amusement park dedicated to the toys with some of them life size. We had a great time even with the damp weather. There are several areas of the park that would be perfect for a hot summer day so we will have to bring Macen back so he can play in the water activities. Lots of pictures!

These were part of an indoor activity. They have 2 buildings where all their toys are set out for kids and adults to play with. Perfect for winter months since they are open year round and for rainy days like we had.

The pics above are from the castle on site. There were lots of tunnels, stairs and hideouts to play in. Macen even got to be king of the throne for a bit. He loved the castle! The first time we were there it started raining on us so we went inside for awhile. When the sun came back out, we went again so Macen could play some more and it started raining on us again. Something about us, the castle and rain.

Noah's Ark. Behind the ark there were places to float the ships, sea animals, etc in but it was rainy and cold. Where do you think Macen would have hung out the longest if we had let him? There of course. We let him play a little during the first rain but then he was sticking his arm in the water and getting his jacket all wet so we had to move on.

James and Macen testing their roping skills in the wild west section.

Several sections had dungeons and caves that Macen loved going thru.

There was a very large outdoor playground with this contraption in the middle. James can never pass up a challenge.

Here are pics from the indoor playground. It was large as well with lots of netting suspended from the ceiling to crawl around in. The pic of James coming down from the slide is blurry because he came flying out of there and Macen took it nice and slow so I was caught off guard a little.

The main building had the majority of their toys set up in along with a restaurant, beer garden and a coffee stand. We spent a good amount of time here playing with the toys. Macen enjoyed them all.

Macen loved the pirate ship. We got on it and then moved on to the treehouse but he kept hollering to go back to the pirate ship.

To get onto the pirate ship you had to walk on a 6" wide rope or plank so the ship was off in the water. So they had several water rides around it. James took Macen on both rides. The first pic they just pulled the raft along the rope. It was a short cut to get to the other rafts. Once they were on the rafts that were open to all the water, Macen kept wanting to help row. He wanted to stand and he wanted an oar. He was finally convinced to sit and let dad row them. The first time they docked at the prate ship and we played on there some more.

We're back on the pirate ship per Macens request. They had crawl spaces under the deck and let me to tell you there were some small spaces. James hit his head several times. As James said, thankfully we are still both agile enough to get around those small spaces.

All over the water area, they had tight ropes, large rocks or planks to cross from one side to another. Macen wanted to go over all of them with dads help.

All 3 of us had a great time and was exhausted by the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

I love Playmobil toys and enjoyed seeing all the photos! Thanks so much! (Most of ours were purchased at garage sales - until Harry Potter sets arrived. Then we HAD to purchase them outright!)

Looks like we are no longer on the same BlogHer ad rotation. ! I will try to look for you on the same one I found you today. Barbara

Shantel said...

I think Playmobil toys hold up great! After seeing 50-100 kids in the same building jumping from toy to toy, they have to be really durable!