Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photographer or Singer?

Macen has taken up photography in the last month. He asks for the camera and then just disappears for awhile snapping away. In fact, one afternoon while playing, he took 150 pics. It was fun deleting all those! He has watched me enough now that he is turning the camera sideways and starting to put the strap around his neck. After he is done (ie I ask for the camera back) he asks me to take pics of him while he poses for me. I love that he has taken an interest in photography and I hope its something he continues to have an interest in. Photos are priceless and you can never have too many. Here are some shots from the budding photographer:

Tonight he also decided to take up singing. We were watching American Idol and he was mimicing the girl on stage. It was pretty funny watching him get so animated.


Stacy said...

From the pictures, it looks as if he has taken up dancing too! Too cute! I miss him!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! and Smart!