Monday, June 22, 2009

Royals vs. Cardinals

It was the big game day! Alot of James' family came to town for the Royals/Cardinals game. We had a unique jersey stitched together for Macen since I am a Royals fan and James is a Cardinals fan. There was no reason for him to wear all blue or all red. One spectator did tell me we were going to confuse the boy. He was a Cardinals fan though so what does he know ;)
We tailgated before the game started and got drizzled on the whole time. But we could have been poured on so it wasn't so bad. A little rain never stops the fans but it stops the players. There was an hour and half game delay. The game finally started and then ended with 13 people in our group of 18 very happy, 4 not so happy and 1 toddler with mixed emotions.
Here is Kayley, Carson and Macen playing on the playground at the stadium.