Monday, June 15, 2009

Ironman Snapshots

James had the half ironman triathlon yesterday in Lawrence. Here are some of the snapshots of the day. I'll let James tell you about the race.

This is how our morning started. We didn't get showered on for long though.

Macen had a blast playing with Baylie and Nik all day.

James had a good support system for the race. Mariah and my mom came to watch him as well as a friend of ours, Jamie and her daughter. Jamie also did the Ft Leavenworth triathlon last month. Friends of ours here at Ft Leavenworth were also there. Brian competed with James so his wife and son came to cheer the guys on. So both guys had their own cheering squad.

Macen and Nik are on a racing wheel chair. The owner, Oz Sanchez, was getting ready to leave and the boys got excited to see a "bike" (as they called it). He offered for them to get on it and then offered for them to ride it to his van. He was so nice to let the boys go for a ride. As you all know James did some fundraising for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Oz is a recipient of that fundraising. He also won a gold medal in hand cycling at the Beijing Paralympics.