Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny hid eggs around the house for Macen to find when we woke up. And there were some eggs that had coins in them so Macen could add to his piggy bank savings.

After the egg hunt, Macen got to open the gift the Easter bunny left him. He got Magneatos and enjoyed playing with them until mom and dad started playing with them. When we would build something he would eagerly come over and destroy it. And then tell us to play again.

Apparently Macen likes ALL candy now. He was eating all kinds of things the day before and Easter day. And James kept feeding him chocolate...big pieces of chocolate. So this is what Macen looked like a good portion of the day. He got to the point where he was asking for more chocolate. And he was also running around the house in circles like a crazy man!