Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Macen went on his first Easter egg hunt this past weekend. He couldn't wait to get started and had fun picking up eggs. He got about a dozen out of the the 7,000 they said was laid out. Not bad for a 1st timer considering it was a kid chaos zone! He did get some candy and we let him try the smarties which he enjoyed. The other candy was hard pieces he couldn't have them but that night he carried them around all evening and kept saying "I got candy!" He was so proud.

After the egg hunt and a trip to southern Kansas City, we headed to Crown Center. None of us had been before and we had heard about a restaurant there that delivers your food to you on a train. Macen is starting to like trains more and more so we thought he would enjoy it. We weren't too impressed with the shopping at Crown Center - maybe it's just not our taste but they seem to have alot of good restaurants. Or we were just so hungry that it all smelled so good. We found Fritz's Railroad Restaurant and had a good meal. You call in your own order via phone (Macen helped out with this part) and then a train runs across the top of the wall and drops your food that is in a plastic container onto a platform then lowered down to you. Macen loved the trains! He kept saying "Choo, Choo" everytime one came around. He wasn't too interested in eating since he had the overhead trains and trains across from us in a display running.

This is the container the food arrives in.
We completed our day with a stop at Sheridans for some frozen custard. In effort to boost Macen's calorie intake, we ordered him his own shake and it was huge! Way too big for such a little guy.