Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay so hopefully we can get back into the swing of this again. It's been pretty busy and it looks like we have a little down time right now. Lets see in the first 5 weeks of moving here, we've had company each weekend, James went out of town for a few days, then him and Macen were sick for a week with me getting it the following week and we have each attended a funeral out of town.

I'm sure you are all wanting some pics of Macen. The new house as offered new games for him. He loves when we play the ball game. James and I sit at the bottom of the stairs and he goes up to the landing where we throw the balls at him...I mean to him. He throws them back and we repeat. He could play this game all.day.long. He is usually grabbing one if not both of our hands and leading us to the stairs while saying ball.

No has become a favorite word. Everything is no. He is saying several words on his own now like eat, nose, night-night, oh no, please and juice. James has been working with him alot on signing please when he wants something as well as thank you. I had mentioned his fake sneezes before and he still does them but now when he is in trouble or we ask him to not do something, he immediately throws in a "sneeze" in the attempt to get a positive reaction and smile out of us. And if you are wondering if it works, it does. He still loves numbers. He can now recognize each number from 1-10 and say each one by name. They don't need to be in order to recognize them but he does need them in front of him except for 1-3. The pic of him and James are of them counting. James has him count 1,2,3 with him and then throws him in the air. James starts with 1 and Macen use to repeat each one but now after James says 1, Macen says 2. The pic is when Macen says 2 - with very curled lips. And the first pic is of him with his fingers in ears. He didn't like it when we turned to look at him and apparently he didn't want to listen to us talk either. He is also quite the little copy cat - particularly when people/characters start dancing on his favorite shows.