Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Look

I hope everyone likes the new look of the blog. We've been wanting to change and spice things up for a while now. The addition of the third column allows people to see more of the cool widgets and other stuff we've added without having to scroll down to get to it. I need to thank for the HTML code that allowed me to modify the original template into what we now have. Unfortunately changing the code and keeping all of the widgets that we currently had made my head hurt so you are still stuck with the dots background for now. Give me some time and I'll figure out how to change the background while still keeping the three columns......maybe.

Some things we've added that we think are pretty cool are the important 2009 dates on the left hand side, we'll keep those updated as I add new races and other things come up. We've also added a widget from that shows us where people are coming from when they come to the blog and which section they are going to. It seems that my fashion commentary in the Iraqi Clothing Styles Post gets a lot of hits as well as the AK-47 vs M-16 post.

Well like I said, I hope everyone likes the new look.