Sunday, June 5, 2016

Minnesota Trip

We had a mini vacation in Minnesota and it was just what we needed to kick off the summer. We enjoyed the Mall of America and ValleyFair. The boys may be tapped out on amusement parks for awhile though. It had been about 20 yrs since I had been at the Mall of America so I was excited to go back and to show the boys. We hit up Hard Rock, the mirror maze, bought some Lego sets from the Lego store and rode rides all day long. Their favorite was a roller coaster that went all around the amusement park. I think we rode it atleast 6 times. 

I take them to the largest candy store in MN where there are 155 different root beers. They chose the Dog n Suds ones! We can get that right here in town, lol. I didn't let them get the Triple XXX (local to us too) one since we still have some in the frig.

We couldn't wait to get to the Mirror Maze. Macen landed on his butt and Maddox had a couple of conks on the head from running into mirrors. I am mean and think its a blast to go to these with kids.  They don't quite get it and that leads to some great belly laughs. Hilarious!

Macen did the rope course and loved it.

Valley Fair

There were 2 water rides that the boys loved. Maddox couldn't go on one but was able to get wet from it. He was over the moon when he could go with the boys on the other one. The boys' day was made when they each won a stuffed Pokemon figure from the games.


We made a couple side trips in Wisconsin for beer and cheese. I wasn't able to go into the Leinenkugels gift shop because they ended up closed so I only got a pic of the brewery. So no beer but we did get some cheese. You can't pass through Wisconsin without getting some.