Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fair Oak Farms

 We celebrated the end of school by getting out of town for the day. We needed it, it was perfect weather and a pretty interesting place to see. We didn't end up doing the dairy tour but I imagine it was pretty interesting too. They make their own cheese and ice cream (and chocolates). We didn't sample any cheese so we'll have to do that another time. We did enjoy their yummy ice cream and chocolates though.

We went to the pig farm which is for breeding purposes only. They average over 200 piglets being born a day.

This piglet was just 10 mins old when he was brought out for us to see. He was one of 6.

The boys gave the pig an ultrasound. Macen found 14 piglets and Maddox found 10. 

Maddox had to go on the smaller course.

I'm not sure how many feet up he was but there were 3 levels and Macen went on all of them. He loved it!

While Macen finished his rope course, Maddox played in the pig house and had fun on the bacon slide.

A little game of Operation with a pig.

They wound their way through a maze and found the cheese.

I do believe the big bubble on the ground was their favorite part.

This calf was born just as we walked in the doors. They are behind a glass wall but you can watch the entire process. As we were leaving, another cow was brought in and 2 hooves and a tongue (yes, just its tongue) was already out.