Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our New Family Member

Here is Trooper, a full of energy Weimaraner. We have had him a little over a week now so he is 9 weeks old and he has kept life busy. We are crazy (pointing at James)! Macen and Maddox aren't sure what to think of a dog in the house so they are still adjusting. Especially as they run around with a puppy nipping along beside them. Mo and Myles aren't impressed with him and went on a 2 day hunger strike after we got him home. Myles has gotten very close to his face to sniff him and I think they will end up being good playmates. Not so sure about Mo, lol. Both cats hiss at Trooper and occasionally take a swipe at him (they have no front claws so he is safe). This has Trooper now believing this is the way they play with him so he starts barking and raising his paw at them which makes them even angrier, lol.

He did great on the trip back from Mo in the kennel and continues to use it well. He also has done very well with potty training. We've had a couple of what the hell did we do moments though. There have been several times when all humans and furry people are in the same room - even all on the same side of a room - when Macen is making Maddox whine nonstop and a cat is hissing at a hyper puppy so the other cat starts hissing. Complete and total chaos! Which can only continue to sum up our life for the next year or so :)