Friday, December 13, 2013

A big week for Maddox

Maddox had his first dentist visit this week which he rocked. He eagerly climbed up into the chair, laid down, put on his headphones and sunglasses and chilled out until they were done with him. James and I are seriously discussing making an increase to his college fund. This boy just may be a dr of some kind.

And he got a big boy bed! His crib has been unstable but not a big deal because he never really moved around in it. In the last few weeks he started to do belly flops, etc in there while playing coy with Macen and I. Tightening it back up was no longer working so it was time. He has been excited all week as we slowly accumulated the mattress, bedding and the bed itself.

He got a new snuggle buddy (in hopes he would stop carrying around 4 others at all times)

Ready for bed

This is how I found him before I went to bed - opposite of his pillow. He is use to sleeping with his pillow on the left and now it is on the right so it may take him some time to adjust. This morning I had to wake him so not sure if he will get himself out of bed in the mornings or not but he was curled up on his pillow.