Friday, October 11, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

After Parent Teacher Conferences we headed to the fun place! Maddox was obsessed with the car game. He kept putting coins in but I'm not sure he was going anywhere. While Maddox was doing that and I was nearby playing a game, Macen hit the jackpot on the wheel spinner. He came running over with 100 tickets. Totally made his day!

As for the conference, his teacher said he is doing great. He is moving along with both reading and math and she enjoys having him in class. He still loves everything about school so we are very happy about that.

On the non-educational side, this year (aka, new set of classmates) has continued to provide Macen with new knowledge. They have taught him to burp on his own. While I am not a fan of it, I prefer this over the constant fascination him and the boys in last years class had with farting or really anything to do with the rear end. Right now, I get to blame his classmates because some of them have older siblings that this stuff has been passed down. When Maddox is in school I will have to accept the blame because Macen will have passed it down. Ahhhh, the life with boys!