Friday, July 12, 2013

Branson, MO

We spent time at the pool, fishing and mini golfing mostly. It was hot and each day we were all exhausted from our activities. Macen is ready to go back after driving down the strip and seeing everything.

Neither of the boys had been miniature golfing before and soon as they spotted the themes, they wanted to go. Maddox was all about roaring at the dinosaurs at the first one.

At the fish hatchery. We filled their cups to the top with fish food and they loved watching thousands of fish flop around.

We rode the duck and Macen got to "drive" it while in the water. He thought that was pretty cool.

After Maddox's initial hit, he would just pick up the ball, set it next to the hole and hit it in, lol. He caught on quickly :)

The last one we played at was Lost Treasure. The boys loved checking out everything while "golfing". Macen couldn't figure out if he wanted to hit the ball left or right handed so he just switched back and forth.

Our last stop was Lambert's. The boys loved it and kept wanting rolls thrown at us. Maddox would always be the first one to hear "hot rolls" and his hands went up automatically. Technically, our last stop was Andy's Frozen Custard. Good lord, that wasn't a wise choice right after eating at Lambert's but James and I didn't need to eat again for the rest of the day.