Monday, March 4, 2013


The boys sledding in our backyard.

Maddox was actually able to climb the hills with the snow on them so after Macen sled down, I told Maddox to lay back and I pushed him down the hill without a sled. He slid most of the way himself since there is so much snow and it's packed down. Macen thought sledding without the sled was a great idea!

Maddox LOVED being pulled around the yard. Eventually he just laid back and enjoyed it.

The boys rolling down the hill/sledding without sleds.

Maddox refused to get out of the sled so Macen could use it. Macen gently "dumped" him to get the sled back.

And it was time to go inside after this, lol. Macen got stuck in the cord. I couldn't stop laughing at all the faces he made trying to get out of it. Maddox was already ready to go in. His snowsuit doesn't really allow him to pick anything up so he was done after a bit.

The boys thought we were just out to play in the snow. Really, we were out there breaking up the snow so it will melt faster. Bwahhaha!