Friday, August 17, 2012

13 months

He couldn't wait for us to all sit down and eat. He kept swiping  from his tray.

Completely motionless as he listens to the music.

He does this all the time now. Even in his crib when I get him after naps sometimes.

Maddox is as active as ever. He pretty much runs everywhere especially when he hears "eat" in the mornings and "bath" at night. Sometimes I think he gets a little skip in his run. He has stepped up his dance moves. He went from slow mo rocking back and forth to a fast paced stepping in place.

I am struggling to get him off the bottle and paci. He only uses the paci to lay down to sleep with an occasional instance where he will actually sleep with it. We don't let him walk around with it when he is awake so not sure how hard to push this one. At least not with his back teeth coming in right now. We are down to 3 bottles a day but he just won't drink milk out of a straw cup or sippy. Hopefully in the next month we'll make more progress.

He has gotten 3 new teeth this past month and is working on at least 1 more. Thankfully he is very easy to soothe back to sleep while teething. Maddox has taken up talking to Myles by clicking his tongue. James and Myles have a special language where James makes sounds at him and Myles always responds. Myles won't even do it with me but loves James talking to him. Maddox has listened to James enough to try it himself so when Myles comes into sight or he hears his bell, he starts clicking away. It's pretty cute!