Monday, July 16, 2012

1 year old!

I am and will remain in denial that our baby is 1 years old. It just can't be. With that, I will say I absolutely adore this age. His is learning so much and is hilarious as he does so! Maddox doesn't miss a thing these days. He is into repeating what we say to him and copying things we do. He really has his eye on Macen and thinks he can do all the things Macen does. Maddox is 22lbs (34th percentile) and 30 inches (50th percentile).

We are officially out of breastmilk as of today. We made it to a year and I am so grateful he got it for that long. However, he is now having a hard time processing cows milk which is pretty common for his age. I am now wishing I had pumped longer so that his little body had more time to mature and able to handle whole milk a little better. But it is what it is. He continues to try new foods and we are nearly done with pureed foods. He LOVES rice, yogurt and strawberries but isn't too big a fan of bananas so far.

Maddox loves to dance with his current favorite tune being the Scooby Doo theme song. In the last several weeks, he has mastered getting down the stairs on his own. He has also started giving kisses - actual kisses. Before he would just make the kissing sound if we asked for a kiss or he was always willing to lean a cheek in for a kiss. Now we get actually opened mouth kisses - when he is in the mood to give them of course.

We love you sweet baby boy! You have enriched all of our lives with your presence.