Tuesday, June 12, 2012

11 months old

Brother taught him how to play and hide in the blanket.

He LOVES his blankie

He's a screamer! We often see that wrinkled nose.

Too cute.

He is all about rockin' the puppy.

Maddox is quite the walker and I think he is even running now. No stopping him! He learned how to shake his head yes and no in the past month. So he has been trying to figure out how to shake his head yes (it is quite the dramatic up and down, lol) while walking. There has been a lot of tumbling in the process but he is getting it down. The head shaking no has been a lot of fun especially when he uses it right on que.

He is still all about copying us which we get a kick out of. He continues to try new foods. He isn't too sure about the textures of food right from our plate but we are grateful he is willing to try anything. Maddox is now sleeping through the night. I had been dreading getting him there and then he was sick and teething. But the first night he was better, I just put his paci back in, gave him his blankie, left the room and he never made a peep. Yes it was that easy! My, I hope he potty trains just as quick and easy, lol.

Next month we celebrate his 1st birthday and it's just unbelievable it's already that time. He is at an amazingly fun age and we are loving it.


Kasi said...

He's so cute!

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