Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Pictures of Maddox

 Here are some more pictures of Maddox

Momma and one racked out baby.  According to Shantel he was a little fussy in the night.

Maddox seems to have taken to a pacifier.  Something Macen never was interested in. 

Macen seems to be taking just fine to being a big brother.  He even offered him some pommes from his happy meal today.
Finally a picture of me with Maddox


Joann and Hugh said...

Love the new pics. Macen looks happy w/his new brother. How soon is Maddox getting his military haircut?

Stacy said...

He's precious! Wish we were all there to love on him and Macen. Thank you so much for giving us great pictures of all of you... keep them coming. We Miss You Guys!

Craig Family said...

So sweet! Love the pics and yeah to pacifiers!! Keep posting pics!! Miss ya'll