Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plus One

There are 3 people in this picture. Can you see everyone?

                                                   How about now?

We are expecting #2 around July 27th. We are thrilled! Morning sickness has made itself known in the last few weeks which has helped Macen get a decent grasp of what is going on. Macen is adament it's a boy. He won't even discuss the possibility of a girl. We'll see if he is right. Mo and Myles are taking very good care of me especially Myles. He follows me everywhere and talks to me as I enter each room. When he needs a break and retreats upstairs, Mo steps right in following me everywhere.


Stacy said...


Congratulations to the three of you!! Sorry James, I have already started the "girl" thoughts, and apparently it's already worked on one family member!! LOL

Jennifer said...

OMG!!!! I am so excited!!!!! Congrats and I hope the morning sickness goes away soon!!

Joann and Hugh said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for all 3 of you. Stacy, I'm with you on the girl--but we love boys too! This is exciting and Shantel, we hope the morning sickness is soon behind you!!

Holly said...

OMG!!! I feel like a horrible friend for not keeping up like I'd like to. We need a day long chat session! This is awesome news for the painful journey you've been on. If only we could have a peak at God's plan sometimes it would help wouldn't it! CONGRATS over & over & over!!!!!

Craig Family said...

Yeah!! Let God keep his angels around all of you and pray for a healthy baby, boy or girl!;)We are so happy for you!! Jacob saw the pics and your little bump and said "Mommy,God gave her a baby! I hope Macen gets a brother like me!" hahaha Love it!!! Miss ya

Shantel said...

Thank you everyone!
We are very, very happy and not to mention incredibly grateful.