Thursday, November 5, 2009

We're packed!

The moving company has been here most of this week, packed us and loaded everything up. We are now in a very empty house where we will stay until the end of the year. Macen did great during all the chaos. He was a little upset when they took his booster seat attached to the chair he used, the table and the recliners. And he keeps going to the kitchen, open cabinets and asking "where'd go". We thought the move would be a good time to switch him to a "big boy bed" (ie, kids aerobed). I swear if we didn't do it now he would be in his crib forever. But he has adjusted well and loves his new bed.

So we are all trying to adjust to a new kind of normal. A temporary normal until we move.

ETA: I don't think there will be anymore pics posted until we get settled in Germany. No way to download them. We'll keep posting though and add the pics once we get set up over there.


Anonymous said...

"where'd go"? Sooo cute!

I stop by once in while through BlogHer. Couldn't find an "about" link. Just wondering how you are related to Mariah.

Btdt on the empty house - only on the opposite end where it takes 6 weeks to get out of storage and moved to the new PCS.

Hope your holidays are fun and spent in the way you choose. Barbara