Monday, September 14, 2009

Renaissance Festival

We took Macen to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. This is something I went to in high school for English class so I couldn't wait to take Macen and just to see it all again. He liked watching the sword fighting.

He didn't want to pet the sheep much and they startled him when they said "baaa" so loud. After that he kept saying "Baa, baa" while we were in there.

We watched a jousting match. The dude in red was the good guy and of course he won. Macen clapped with the crowd and loved the horses.

Macen is posing for the camera and saying "cheese".

I thought this was amusing given all our technology now. There were 4 people in the very middle of the ride making the swings go around and around. I don't think I could do that minute after minute all day long - I don't have enough arm strength. And that is not Macen on that swing. In fact, he does not like swings at all.
We had fun walking around and watching a variety of shows.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Renaissance Festival! We have formed a family tradition of attending each fall - near Houston.

Just visited here via BlogHer; recognized some of the lingo...CGSC. My Hubby is retired now 12 years. Thank you for your service.